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  • Discover Japan by Rail new flash other
    Japan Group Tour Rail

    Discover Japan by Rail

    13 day tour from £2,595

    A land only tour discovering this fascinating country's main attractions using iconic bullet trains

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  • Cherry Blossom update flash other
    Japan Group Tour Nature

    Cherry Blossom Tour

    13 day tour from £4,449

    A 13 day tour that explores the very best of Japan’s culture and nature, during the popular cherry blossom season.

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  • Essential Japan update flash other
    Japan Group Tour City

    Essential Japan

    9 day tour from £3,699

    The Essential Japan tour is perfect for the first time traveller to Japan.

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  • bridge river trees shinkyo nikko japan
    Japan Group Tour Culture

    Japan Golden Route

    10 day tour from £3,399

    This tour encompasses the classic Golden Route - Tokyo, Fuji and Kyoto

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  • South Korea Martial Arts
    Japan Group Tour Food

    Essential Japan and South Korea

    12 day tour from £4,599

    A perfect trip for the first time traveller to these two intriguing countries.

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  • Kinkakuji Temple The Golden Pavilion Kyoto japan
    Japan Group Tour City

    Japan and China

    15 day tour from £3,898

    An incredible two-centre tour combining the sights of Japan and China.

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  • Meiji Shrine Shibuya Tokyo japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted City

    Classic Japan

    9 day tour from £2,865

    Discover the culture and landscape of this amazing country, with our nine day Classic Japan tour.

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  • car road countryside sea mountains japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted Trekking

    Japan Self-Drive Holiday

    15 day tour from £3,499

    Hiring a car to get around Japan is a fantastic way to explore the country, especially as they drive on the left.

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  • Lake Ashi hakone japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted Family

    Japan Family Tour

    15 day tour from £3,299

    Explore the history and culture of this amazing country, with fun-filled excursions for all the family.

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  • Geisha temple Kyoto japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted Culture

    Japan Heritage

    15 day tour from £4,099

    Explore Japan’s classic sights, starting in the exciting capital city of Tokyo, famous for its fresh sushi.

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  • frost snow monkeys pool yudanaka japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted Nature

    Great Trail of Japan

    17 day tour from £4,699

    Journey through Japan, taking in some of the most picturesque locations.

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  • Mount Fuji Nihondaira Hill Shizuoka Japan
    Japan Group Tour Rail

    Amazing Japan

    14 day tour from £4,699

    A tour that explores the very best of Japan’s cultural, natural and UNESCO locations. Journey on the famous bullet train.

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  • Akihabara Electric Town lights and billboards in Tokyo Japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    4 day tour from £595

    Japan’s dazzling capital, Tokyo has an intriguing mix of historic and modern, with skyscrapers and neon-lit streets side-by-side with ancient temples and shrines.

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  • Kiyomizu Temples autumn trees kyoto japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    4 day tour from £688

    A holiday to Japan is not complete without spending time in this former capital.

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  • Osaka castle Osaka Japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    3 day tour from £445

    Osaka is a large port, known for its modern architecture, boisterous nightlife, tasty street food, and the impressive, Osaka-jo Castle.

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  • hiroshima shrine torii gate japan
    Japan Tailor Made City

    Hiroshima and Miyajima

    3 day tour from £460

    This modern city was rebuilt post-war, and is home to the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, situated in the Peace Memorial Park.

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  • Mount koya Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Nature

    Mount Koya

    3 day tour from £425

    Mount Koya is the name of the mountains in Wakayama Prefecture, to the south of Osaka.

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  • Sapporo Snow Festival day dancers clock japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    4 day tour from £525

    Hokkaido is an island at Japan’s far north, where low humidity makes the summers pleasant, and the winter’s ideal for snow sports.

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  • sleeping snow monkeys yudanaka japan
    Japan Tailor Made Nature

    Zenkoji and Snow Monkeys

    3 day tour from £999

    A popular hot springs resort, Yudanaka is famous for the Snow Monkeys that live in the area

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  • skiers snow mountain Hakuba Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Sport


    5 day tour from £1,295

    Hakuba, host to the 1998 Winter Olympics, is a highland resort at the foot of the Hakuba-Sanzan Mountains.

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  • Rice Farm Shirakawago Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Culture

    Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa

    6 day tour from £627

    Enjoy a tour of the Japanese Alps, exploring Takayama’s historic Edo-period streets, discovering the traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses of Shirakawago, and admiring the exquisite gardens in Kanazawa.

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  • Magome Street nakasendo way japan
    Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Nakasendo Way

    4 day tour from £699

    Discover the Nakasendo Way, one of Japan’s ancient highways, connecting Kyoto and Tokyo during the Edo period.

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  • Mount Fuji Sunrise Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Mount Fuji Climb

    2 day tour from £489

    This two day programme offers a guided climb of Mount Fuji.

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  • Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

    4 day tour from £1,599

    This journey takes you along one of Japan’s ancient pilgrimage routes, the Kumano Kodo.

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  • Beach Lagoon Okinawa island japan
    Japan Tailor Made Beach

    Okinawa Main Island

    4 day tour from £868

    A short break on a paradise island

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  • Ishigaki Island 1
    Japan Tailor Made Beach


    5 day tour from £895

    The beautiful coastlines which surround Ishigaki are filled with glorious white-sand beaches, some net-protected and ideal for families.

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  • suzuka circuit japan grand prix
    Japan Tailor Made Sport

    Japanese Grand Prix

    Tour Japan's main sites and attend the Grand Prix!

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  • Japan Semi-Escorted City

    Kobe to Tokyo

    9 day tour from £2,139

    Spend time exploring from Kobe to Tokyo

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  • hiroshima miyajima Torii Gate Japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted City

    Tokyo to Hiroshima

    9 day tour from £2,139

    Spend time exploring Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and Hiroshima

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  • Matsumoto castle japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted City

    Explore the Japanese Alps

    6 day tour from £1,075

    Explore the fascinating Japanese Alps, including Matsumoto, Takayama and Kanazawa

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  • Meiji Shrine Shibuya Tokyo japan
    Japan Semi-Escorted City

    Tokyo to Kyoto

    6 day tour from £1,785

    This semi-escorted tour sees you travel from Tokyo to Kyoto

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  • Best Value Japan new Flash other
    Japan Group Tour Value

    Private: Best Value Japan

    11 day tour from £1,599

    An 11 day tour staying in Best Value Japanese hostel accommodation, whilst exploring the country's main sights

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