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Creating a Tailor-Made Journey

A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Tailor-Made Journey

by Hannah Lockett | January 30, 2019

Creating the Perfect Holiday

Here at Links Travel & Tours we have created a selection of group tours for people to enjoy as they travel around Asia. However, we are aware that not everyone wants to travel in a group, so we offer a ‘Private Tour’ version of the group tours, so you can follow the same itinerary, at a time that suits you, with the people you want to be with.

For those that don’t see a group tour that they like the look of, we have created a selection of tailor-made itineraries, and in Japan some semi-escorted tours, to tempt you. But what do you do if these aren’t quite what you had in mind?

Well, get in touch with our experienced Personal Travel Advisers, let them know when you want to travel, where from, who with, how long for, your budget and, most importantly, where you would like to go, and they will be able to put together an itinerary exclusive to you.


To help you come up with the ideal tour, we have a selection of shorter, tailor-made options, that you can put together to make one long adventure. There are also a selection of cruises and stopovers that you can add to your trip to create your Holiday of a Lifetime!

China Options

  • China Tailor Made City

    Private: Taiwan

    7 day tour from £997,00

    This tour gives you the opportunity to explore beautiful Taiwan

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  • Tibet people china
    China Tailor Made Culture


    7 day tour from £1,195,00

    Discover the cultures and scenery of Tibet

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  • Jiayuguan Fort Gansu China
    China Tailor Made Nature

    Private: Gansu

    6 day tour from £1,275,00

    Visit the home of the famous rainbow mountains

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  • 3 Gorges yangtze china
    China Tailor Made Cruise

    Yangtze River Cruise

    4 day tour from £555,00

    Enjoy a 5 day cruise along China's longest river

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  • Hong Kong
    China Tailor Made City

    Hong Kong

    3 day tour from £299,00

    Spend three days exploring bustling Hong Kong.

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  • zhangjiajie china
    China Tailor Made Trekking


    5 day tour from £935,00

    A remarkable 5 days in Zhangjiajie

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  • China Tailor Made Trekking

    Yellow Mountain

    3 day tour from £455,00

    The stunning Yellow Mountain, the inspiration for many artists and poets

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  • Huanguoshu falls anshun guizhou
    China Tailor Made Nature


    5 day tour from £998,00

    Discover the villages and cultures of Guizhou Province

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  • China Tailor Made Beach


    5 day tour from £585,00

    Sanya is the perfect place to relax and unwind on the beach after your tour of China.

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  • China Tailor Made Nature


    4 day tour from £498,00

    This Panda add-on leads you to Chengdu, in the heart of Sichuan.

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  • China Tailor Made Culture


    7 day tour from £1,298,00

    Spend time immersing yourself in the culture and atmosphere of the home of Kung Fu.

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  • rainbow mountain china
    China Tailor Made Nature

    Rainbow Mountains and Dunhuang

    6 day tour from £1,199,00

    A relatively undiscovered area with ancient buildings and natural wonders

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Japan Suggestions

  • Mount Fuji Sunrise Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Mount Fuji Climb

    2 day tour from £489,00

    This two day programme offers a guided climb of Mount Fuji.

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  • Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

    4 day tour from £1,599,00

    This journey takes you along one of Japan’s ancient pilgrimage routes, the Kumano Kodo.

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  • Magome Street nakasendo way japan
    Japan Tailor Made Trekking

    Nakasendo Way

    4 day tour from £699,00

    Discover the Nakasendo Way, one of Japan’s ancient highways, connecting Kyoto and Tokyo during the Edo period.

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  • sleeping snow monkeys yudanaka japan
    Japan Tailor Made Nature

    Zenkoji and Snow Monkeys

    3 day tour from £999,00

    A popular hot springs resort, Yudanaka is famous for the Snow Monkeys that live in the area

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  • Ishigaki Island 1
    Japan Tailor Made Beach


    5 day tour from £895,00

    The beautiful coastlines which surround Ishigaki are filled with glorious white-sand beaches, some net-protected and ideal for families.

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  • Beach Lagoon Okinawa island japan
    Japan Tailor Made Beach

    Okinawa Main Island

    4 day tour from £868,00

    A short break on a paradise island

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  • Mount koya Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Nature

    Mount Koya

    3 day tour from £425,00

    Mount Koya is the name of the mountains in Wakayama Prefecture, to the south of Osaka.

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  • Rice Farm Shirakawago Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Culture

    Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa

    6 day tour from £627,00

    Enjoy a tour of the Japanese Alps, exploring Takayama’s historic Edo-period streets, discovering the traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses of Shirakawago, and admiring the exquisite gardens in Kanazawa.

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  • skiers snow mountain Hakuba Japan
    Japan Tailor Made Sport


    5 day tour from £1,295,00

    Hakuba, host to the 1998 Winter Olympics, is a highland resort at the foot of the Hakuba-Sanzan Mountains.

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  • Sapporo Snow Festival day dancers clock japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    4 day tour from £525,00

    Hokkaido is an island at Japan’s far north, where low humidity makes the summers pleasant, and the winter’s ideal for snow sports.

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  • hiroshima shrine torii gate japan
    Japan Tailor Made City

    Hiroshima and Miyajima

    3 day tour from £460,00

    This modern city was rebuilt post-war, and is home to the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, situated in the Peace Memorial Park.

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  • Kiyomizu Temples autumn trees kyoto japan
    Japan Tailor Made City


    4 day tour from £688,00

    A holiday to Japan is not complete without spending time in this former capital.

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Indochina Possibilities

  • Vietnam Tailor Made Beach

    Nha Trang

    4 day tour from £435,00

    A relaxing 4-day beach stay in Nha Trang

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  • phu quoc beach vietnam
    Vietnam Tailor Made Beach

    Phu Quoc

    4 day tour from £350,00

    Phu Quoc, a paradise isle set in turquoise waters

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  • Step fields Sapa Vietnam
    Vietnam Tailor Made Nature


    4 day tour from £685,00

    A 4-day tour of Sapa famed for its terraced rice paddies

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  • Vietnam Tailor Made Beach

    Phan Thiet, Mui Ne

    4 day tour from £355,00

    Spend a few days on the paradise beach of Mui Ne

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  • Kuang Si Waterfall Luang Prabang Laos
    Laos Tailor Made Culture

    Luang Prabang

    4 day tour from £435,00

    Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Kuang Si Waterfalls

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  • Monks at Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia
    Cambodia Tailor Made Culture

    Siem Reap

    4 day tour from £195,00

    Siem Reap, home to the inspiring temples at Angkor Wat

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  • Bali Beach
    Stopovers Tailor Made Beach

    Bali Stopover

    4 day tour from £285,00

    A four day stopover on a paradise isle

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  • bangkok temple dawn thailand
    Stopovers Tailor Made City

    Bangkok Stopover

    3 day tour from £295,00

    A colourful city with a vibrant culture and delicious food

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  • DUBAI Downtown Dubai
    Stopovers Tailor Made Beach

    Dubai Stopover

    4 day tour from £350,00

    Dubai, the ultimate stopover destination for shopping and relaxation

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  • koh samui thailand
    Stopovers Tailor Made Beach

    Koh Samui Stopover

    4 day tour from £299,00

    A tropical island with rain forests and white-sand beaches

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  • singapore city
    Stopovers Tailor Made City

    Singapore Stopover

    4 day tour from £399,00

    Singapore, where traditional culture meets modern life

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  • Katathani Beach Resort Phuket
    Stopovers Tailor Made Beach

    Phuket Stopover

    4 day tour from £385,00

    Phuket is the ideal place to relax before or after a tour of Asia

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  • Kek Lok Si Temple Penang Malaysia
    Malaysia Beach

    Penang Stopover

    4 day tour from £175,00

    Penang is a vibrant city with a beach

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  • beach trees Langkawi malaysia
    Malaysia Beach

    Langkawi Stopover

    4 day tour from £455,00

    Beautiful Langkawi, perfect for a relaxing beach stay

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  • Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur malaysia
    Malaysia Tailor Made City

    Kuala Lumpar Stopover

    3 day tour from £165,00

    The perfect city stopover to any Asia holiday

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  • Deck Mekong Pandaw Cruise Laos China
    Laos Tailor Made City

    Pandaw Laos and China Cruise

    18 day tour from £6,299,00

    An incredible, pioneering 14-night river expedition from Laos to China.

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  • RV Pandaw Mekong Front
    Vietnam Tailor Made Cruise

    Pandaw Mekong Cruise

    13 day tour from £4,299,00

    Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Mekong River from Vietnam to Cambodia

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We’re here to listen to your needs so if you need to chat, then why not email us or pick up the phone, we will be happy to help.